My first post

Welcome to the Blog!

or Welcome to the blog; My Christian Family!

A dream God put into my heart!

A mission I felt was for me, now and today!

Sentences and words with meaning, coming from a heart which is sincere and grateful to God for the gift of life and the gift of love!

Urgent thoughts and reflections in an empty and thirsty society of values and purposeful lives.

I share a part of me to you, from a real human being who was once a girl with dreams and now is a woman, wife and mother, and who tomorrow doesn’t know if she’ll be here, because life is a breath and this is moment that we have to live intensly to enjoy God’s blessings.

That’s why I decided to create this blog TODAY AND NOT TOMORROW!

This will be a space of personal sharing and reflection, of my life and experience, and of my relationship with God.

It may well be a space with “flaws” or imperfections, or with ideas and principles which are different from my dear readers, but here lies a richness of our sharing and the freedom to express ourselves.

I’m not going to bring any magic resolutions or tips for this and that, it’s just a simple sharing of how these things happened to me and how I was blessed with certain situations which I chose to share with you.

Some of you may have already read the tab: “Who Are We?”

But i want to tell you about who’s on this side!

We are a young family of almost 5, and we live in the county of the beautiful town of Sintra!

The one who will be writing more for you will be me, Andreia, 33 years old, happily married since 2006 with Paulo, who’s also 33 years old, and together we have 3 kids; André who is 5, Alice who is 3 and Pedro who is on the way and will arrive in May! Paulo will also be writing for you, but more sporadically.

My biggest dream has always been to have a big and happy family, to have a house full of that frenzy of having children running around, going in and out, inventing games together.

When I first started dating Paulo, during high school in Carcavelos (what beautiful memories we have of those times…), on the first Christmas of our courtship, I offered him a model, made by me, of how I wanted our family to be, with nothing more and nothing less than 4 children and one of them adopted!


o meu primeiro post

I could have scared him with this tremendous boldness! But I didn’t, and after all, his dream was exactly the same as mine! We would make a very special family!

And here we began our journey together, percisely 15 years ago!

I’ll tell you step by step of how our love story was together, with God always coming first in our lives!

We hope that this Blog can inspire your lives and lead you to believe that it is possible to be truly happy, being imperfect, but seeking our identity, direction and trust in God. Welcome, and I will see you soon!

The Fernandes Family 😊

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